Books, My Favorites.

As a child i was an avid reader, I would read any book I found, often ignoring quality. My mother would brag about this on any opportunity she had, Often telling her friends “Diego loves to read, he never stops!” For some reason an 8 year old that could eat up children’s novels was a fascinating thing to many, when it should have been common. Sadly my passion for reading faded as books started getting more “boring”, in middle school i was forced to read books i did not like, and once i got to High School i burned through books the day before they were due, I found no fun in reading.

Yes the title of this Post is “Favorite Books”, but I felt like I needed to state the fact that, for most of my teenage years, I despised reading. Because of this my “Favorite Books” are the ones i read during my youth, the whimsical stories that took me to another world, the books that couldn’t drop because i loved them so much. The books that brought a smile to my face. Sadly i dont remember many of these, i just remember how they made me feel, how much I LOVED reading, because it made me so happy. The clear example that comes to mind was the Harry Potter Series, by J.K Rowling . The story of the boy who lived was a fascinating one, underlined with deep adult themes, it was also the most magical setting, literally. As a young kid these books made my imagination run wild, and they made me feel. I cared about Harry, and Ron and Hermione, i cried for them, i smiled for them, I threw my book in the air just because of the sheer anxiety that the most tense moments brought me. I remember this series fondly, the best example of what literature did for me as a kid. In High School i read the classics, 1984, The Great Gatsby, The Sound and The Fury, Animal Farm, and so on. But they felt forced, I was never free to explore literature as I wanted to, and that hindered my enjoyment of the greatest novels of all time. I know that my love for literature is still intact, I blame the system for putting it away for so long. But now that the restrictions of High School English classes are gone, I will be free to fall on love with literature at my own pace.


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A Heartfelt List on what J.K Rowling taught us through her magical Books. :

An Interesting read on how school extinguishes children,s passion for reading

Harry Potter, helped me and many others fall in love with literature.

3 thoughts on “Books, My Favorites.”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog, it reminded me how I felt when teachers force me to read books that weren’t interesting or grasped my attention. But, I do have to say try reading The Great Gatsby again I promise you won’t be disappointed just make sure you do it on your own time.


  2. At an early age I also loved to read children’s books which helped me achieve many of my goals throughout middle school and high school. I had and extremely hard time keeping my focus when reading book though high school because I also got really bored of always reading books and being the first and only person to answer my teachers questions in class. Harry Potter was on of many books that I have never been able to finish so I defiantly applaud you for doing so. The Great Gatsby was an amazing book that I also never got to read but I did in fact watch the movie staring Leonardo Dicaprio which is still one of my favorite movies.


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