Favorite Film:The Greatest Saga Ever Told

My favorite film of all time is Star Wars (1977), and by extension the universe that it gave way too. Ask someone what their favorite film is and they will often answer “Star Wars”, this is not supported by any scientific evidence, im just speaking from experience. Maybe it’s the type of people that I surround myself with, but Star Wars fans can come from any social circle and even social class. Basically, everyone is a Star Wars fan nowadays, and for this post I want to distance myself from the casual fans, and write about why star wars is so important not only to me, but to the rest of us who hold the films in our hearts.

As a child I had access to most forms of media, I usually watched cartoons and animated movies, sometimes delving into more mature films. I fondly remember these shows and films that I watched, but interestingly enough, Star Wars was not one of them. My love for star wars grew slowly, and I dont exactly remember how or why it happened. I didn’t see the films in order, nothing was planned. Today I realized how lucky I was to retain that sense of discovery, and not be spoiled by the masses. By the time I was in middle school I had established my self as a true fan, collecting toys, reading book, and watching the movies every month. But it was not until I was in High School that I started crying and getting chills upon hearing the main theme.

I believe this started happening because I was able to understand, the mastery of the story telling, the world building, the music, the characters. It’s all so perfect. Star Wars means a lot to so many people, because It allows us escape to another world. And go on journeys we would never have in our normal lives. At the same time it inspires us to be adventurous, and to be a better person of our selves. All of these feelings come from a combination of the magical setting, deep and complex characters, and a fantastic story rooted in real human themes. This post is just scratching the surface on “The Greatest Saga ever Told”

Word Count: 372

An article detailing why Star Wars is an ageless classic.

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Star Wars also has one of the most popular plot twists of all time.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Film:The Greatest Saga Ever Told”

  1. Your blog is very intriguing I have never watched Star War before but blog has changed my mind a little. Also, I can agree with you that a lot of people favorite show is Star War like my father and brother.


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