My Final Thought: The Blogging Experience.

As a blogger, the most important thing I’ve learned is that this medium is a powerful tool to learn, discuss, and expand our mindsets.

This will officially be my last blog, if you came across this then you have probably not read any of my other entries, since I dont have any dedicated readers. Therefore, instead of making this post a “goodbye”, I will continue my trend of writing opinion pieces, and discuss how I feel about the blogging experience. I started writing my own blog posts in order to improve my writing, and share my most simple opinions. Over time I became accustomed to checking in weekly, and writing a simple post.

I feel like I accomplished my goal of practicing my writing. Knowing that my posts will be public made me focus on my grammar and syntax. Most importantly I found an enjoyment in being able to write about what I wanted. As a college student, most of the writing I have to do is assigned to me.

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Over time, I started to become desensitized to blogging. I grew tired of what felt was like writing for no one. I did not feel the need to invest my time in telling the world how much I loved a certain movie, or how enjoyable my latest read was. I wanted to write about the things that mattered the most to me, politics, world events, science, literature, sports. Of course this page provides me with the opportunity to express my views. But ultimately I felt the topics i wanted to cover were too broad and too complicated. And I lacked the necessary audience. I would rather dedicate my time becoming better informed in the topics that interest me, maybe one day i will have access to a platform more powerful than a blog site. This is why i’m stepping away

In the end this was my own personal decision. I recognize that blogging has so many benefits. Writing the few posts that I’ve made has taught me how important it is to be well informed. Most importantly, reading other bloggers post has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking, and taught me things I would never have learned otherwise. I still appreciate blogging, and find it a very important source of knowledge and opinions in todays world. Diego Daily may be shutting down, but I will certainly stick around and keep on reading what the world has to say.

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